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Swingy was established since 1988, with history of making only Mechanical wrist watches, developed to digital watch, then quartz analogue watches and nowadays we move with the trends that reversed back to Mechanical , Automatic mechanical pocket watch and wrist watches. We are very experienced watch maker among Hong Kong with more than 25 years of good reputations. We can keep our good quality production , nice and fashionable designs for Swingy to grow in the future.

Swingy has continued this classics pocket watches for several decades. Although pocket watches seems have long passed their heyday in last one hundred year, they are still in constant demand from people around the world who admire their unique, classical, and specialty for a gift to themselves or someone special.

Swingy men’s and ladies’ watches are smartly, trendy styled, and casual fashionable watches. Among hundreds styles of Swingy watches, they have different kinds of mechanism, originate from Japan quartz analogue , Japan automatic mechanical, Japan chronographs, and also China mechanical mechanism.

We welcome OEM orders, and also welcome you to be Swingy watch distributors around the world !

To get to know more about Swingy watches, please feel free to contact us by email or enquiry form.

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